CategoryCode No.ItemsVolume
1Repairing skin careS-A1001SKD Lip&Eye remover250ml
2S-A1002SKD Cleansing Emulsion250ml
3S-A1003SKD Cleansing Emulsion1000ml
4S-A1004SK Mild-Scrub Cream120ml
5S-A1005SKD Lip & Eye Care Cream50ml
6S-A1006SKD Collagen Skin Toner250ml
7S-A1007SKD Collagen Skin Toner1000ml
8S-A1008SKD Aqua Balm250ml
9S-A1009SKD Energizing Cream120ml
10S-A1010SKD Energizing Cream200ml
11S-A1011SKD Control Mask120ml
12S-A1012SKD Collagen Massage Cream200ml
13S-A1013SKD Collagen Massage Cream1000ml
14S-B1002SKD Moisture-Rich Mask120ml
15S-B1003SKD Moisture-Rich Mask200ml
16Soothing and Sensitive skin careS-C1001SKD Calming Cleansing Lotion500ml
17S-C1002SKD Calming Tomer500ml
18S-C1003SKD Soft peeling Gel500ml
19S-C1004SKD Calming Serum250ml
20S-C1005SKD Calming Cream240ml
21S-C1006SKD Calming Mask240ml
22Oil skin and Acne careS-D1001SKD Clarifying Cleansing Gel500ml
23S-D1002SKD Clarifying Tomer500ml
24S-D1003SKD Clarifying Serum250ml
25S-D1004SKD Clarifying Cream240ml
26S-D1005SKD Aloe Vera Gel (Massage Gel)500ml
27S-D1006SKD Purifying Mask120ml
28S-D1007SKD Purifying Mask200ml
29S-D1008SKE Enzyme Powder30g
30S-D1009SKD AHA Peel (9%)30ml
31Wrinkle and Whitening careS-W1001SKD Deep Cleansing Cream (Gommage)120ml
32S-W1002Super-Rich Wrinkle Cream (Functionally certified)30ml
33Special careS-R1001Revital Gypsum Base Cream200ml
34S-R1002SKD Aloe Soothing Lotion250ml
35S-R1003SKD Blemish Balm50g
36S-R1004SKD EGF UV Shield (SPF50 PA+++)50g
37S-R1006Talcum Powder25g
38S-R1007Feminine wipes1ea
39S-R1008Face wipes1ea
40S-R1009Collagen Sheet(White)- MatriCol1ea
41S-R1010Collagen Sheet(Light Green)- MatriCol1ea
42S-R1011Collagen Sheet(Pink)- MatriCol1ea
43S-R1012SKD Facial Forming Gel250ml
44S-R1013Sheet Mask- Coenzyme Q10 Essence20gx5ea
45S-R1014Sheet Mask- Collagen Essence20gx5ea
46S-R1015Sheet Mask- Acne Soothing Essence20gx5ea
47S-R1016Sheet Mask- White Lily Essence20gx5ea
48S-E1017Sheet Mask- Premium Misian Essence25gx5eax1set
49S-R1018SKD Trial Pack-16 Specifications1set
50S-R1019SKD Trial Pack (Brandless)1set
51S-R1020SKD Witch Hazel (Hamamelis) Floral Water120ml
52S-R1021SKD Azulen Paste20ml
53AmpouleAMP-1001SKD Recovery Collagen ampoule60ml
54AMP-1002SKD Calming Moisture Ampoule60ml
55AMP-1003SKD Clarifying Control Ampoule60ml
56AMP-1004Pure Lynn Tomato Callus Ampoule30ml
57AMP-1005Pure Lynn Orchid Callus Ampoule30ml
58AMP-1006Pure Lynn Phyto Multi Callus Ampoule30ml
59AMP-1007Pure Lynn Rice Callus Ampoule30ml
60AMP-1008PM Lifging Serum30ml
61AMP-1009AM Pure Serum30ml
62AMP-1010AM White Serum30ml
63Body careBD-1005SKD Energy Hot Gel450ml
64BD-1006SKD Intensive RF Cream1000ml
65BD-1007Foor Spray200ml
66BD-1008Foor Massage Cream500ml
67Modeling MaskS-R3001SKD Modeling Mask (Collagen)1kg
68S-R3002SKD Modeling Mask (Vitamin)1kg
69 S-R3003SKD Modeling Mask (Green Tea)1kg
70 S-R3004SKD Modeling Mask (Charcoal)1kg
71 S-R3004SKD Modeling Mask (Pearl)1kg
72 S-R3004SKD Modeling Mask (Cool)1kg
73 S-R3004SKD Modeling Mask (Arbutin)1kg
74 S-R3004SKD Modeling Mask (Aloe)1kg
75 S-R3004Pure Lynn Premium Modeling Mask (Seaweed)1kg
76 S-R3004Pure Lynn Premium Modeling Mask (Mela-White)1kg
77 S-R3004Pure Lynn Premium Modeling Mask (Gentle soothing)1kg
78 S-R3004Pure Lynn Premium Modeling Mask (Collagenic)1kg
79 S-R3004Water Gel Gold Mask30g
80 S-R3004Water Gel Gold Mask (Sheet type)1ea
63-SR-1001SKD Vita-complex Ampoule100ml
64SR-1002SKE Recovery Collagen Ampoule100ml
65SR-1003SKD Vita-complex Massage Cream1000ml
66SR-1004SKD Vita-complex Toner1000ml